Rabu, 19 Maret 2014

[APK] Advanced Download Manager Pro for Android [ini dia IDM nya Android buat yang maniak Download]

  • Parallel downloading three files simultaneously;
  • Accelerated download by using multithreading (8 parts);
  • A widget on a home screen and a window over all windows with the list of running downloadings;
  • Downloading using only the Wi-Fi and start/stop at on/off the Wi-Fi;
  • Autoload of service of the program after the boot is completed;
  • A sound and vibration upon termination of loading;
  • Planning of loading of files in due time;
  • Automation action for downloaded files.

There are several ways to add a link from the browser to the program:
- tap on link and from a window "Complete action using" select the program (supported by Android Stock Browser and Dolphin);
- long press on a link cause the context menu, tap "Share link" and from a window "Share via" select the program (supported by Firefox and Skyfire), or tap "Copy link" and program service intercepts the link;
- copy the link text (beginning on "http://" or "www") in an address line of the browser and program service intercepts the link (supported by Maxthon);

Control: tap on the download to start/stop, tap on a loading complete to open the file, long press to display the context menu; tap on a top panel of a window of the program sorts by an icon of downloading; tap on a widget starts/stops all loadings, but if the downloads list is empty, or all of them are completed, or the timer is not running - opens a window of the program.

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