Jumat, 28 Maret 2014

[Tweak] The New Pure Audio Engine 2.0 [All Android]

Tweak audio yang patut di coba dan juga untuk tambahan koleksi script :)


- Clear sound
- No more track noise
- Beats™ Audio by Dr.Dre
- Audio Pure™ Control not to damage your hearing
- Also compatible with the headphones that don't support audio render of 60kHz
- Where possible, arrange for the conversion of the songs (in background) below 256 kbps to 320kbps
- During playback of songs / sounds make a soft frequency scaling to reduce noise and highlight the track
- It offers more powerful and closed bass
- Efficient even with stock headphones
- Improves a lot the audio call
- Enhance the speakers for playing music without headphones in high quality
- Introducing the PureEQ
- Updated the Beats extras libraries to the latest one
- Updated the xLoud extras libraries to the latest one
- New audio parameters in the system/etc up to 3-5-5-3-8
- Better compatibility with JellyBean 4.3 and KitKat 4.4
- Less battery consumption
- Better compatibility with other mods
- Beats peqimages updated to solo/mixr headphones
- New 320 kbps conversion algorithm
- Zip package size of only 1.04mb with all these new stuffs
- Introducing Smart Player, a trickster-like app for PureAudio 2.0



- Download .zip
- Flash via CWM
- Reboot

Jangan menggunakan tweak lain secara bersamaan, karena akan konflik dengan tweak ini

Credits goes to Jeeko senior member @xda
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  1. Mau nanya, andromax c bisa pake tweak puregraphics hd nggak? Trims

  2. Punya ku terlanjur bentrok .. cara ngatasinya bgimana??


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