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[APK] Game Killer 3.11 [Android Games Cheat Engine]

Game Killer v3.11 Apk
Needs: 1.5+, ROOT, Blessed Patcher
A powerful Video game cheat device.
Key Qualities:
  •  Browse video game worth with specific number.
  •  Browse game value with obscure directions, e.g. bigger or smaller sized.
  •  Lock the video game value to a set number.
  •  Save/Load the taken care of list.
  •  Touch GameKiller sprite to raise the tool during gaming.
  •  HEX edit
  •  Unload code
  •  A lot more.
Instructions Of Game Killer v3.11 Apk :
  •  Relocate 3.11 _ cn.mm.gk.txt to Lucky Patcher’s folder. Default location is sdcard/Lucky
  • Patcher
  •  Install Game Fantastic and also area it with custom-made patch.
  •  Done
Whats New In Game Killer v3.11 Apk : 
  • Assistance Android 5.0
  • bugfix
This application has NO promotions

 Game Killer v3.11.zip 3,17MB

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